• Thymus integrates brand strategy with business strategy, causing the greatest impact in the business ecosystem.
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    If you are looking for an inspiring vision amidst the chaos of economy and market turmoil, try UPFRAME YOUR MIND.

    For us, the Thymus team, UPFRAMING is a rallying cry that saves us from false dilemmas, healing us from the marketing myopia, and protecting us from lousy diagnoses and off-the-rack solutions.

    UPFRAMING® is Thymus' technology to help creating value and managing risk in ever faster, complex and unpredictable environments.

    UPFRAMING shows that the problem is part of a larger context, allowing the vision of better opportunities and risks, ensuring success in real-time within this Networking Society.

    UPFRAMING raises the bar.

    Yet, the new level does not excludes the previous one,
    but magnifies the sight, unveiling a richer and more inspiring context.
    UPFRAMING is also known as the helicopter view, or the CEO view. The term

    "UPFRAMING" has been introduced in Richard Norman's book "Reframing Business - when the map changes the landscape".
    Wiley, July 2001
Our proprietary methodology - upframing - besides producing the hired tools, provides team training to produce content and inspiring attitudes that nourish powerful engagement of people within the organization and beyond, and build compelling positioning in the market.
  • what we do
    Inspiration ecosystem, essence, features, and positioning
    Strategy strategic building and architecture of portfolio/brands
    Brand Experiences redesign of processes and gaps / initiatives monitoring
    Culture language, internal and external communication management, internal integration network
    Monitoring Perceived Value
  • experience

    Our experience involves virtually all markets, in products and services, B2B, B2C and B2B2C with companies of all sizes, family and non-family, publicly and privately held, holding companies, private and public etc. We have the ability to deal with complex circumstances of governance and leadership.




  • Luiz Seabra, Guilherme Leal e Pedro Passos

    "THYMUS AND US. Before even Thymus was born, we already worked with their soul. Thymus’ soul is called Ricardo Guimarães. Ricardo lived with us a true psychoanalytic dive around values, beliefs, Raison d’Être, Style and Identity of Natura, in the beginning of the 1990s. The management the attributes of a brand that became known as the fancy branding name, was something we had been looking for since those times with this great inspiring friend, and inspired accomplice."

  • Fábio Barbosa
    Banco Real Santander

    "Thymus has been paramount in the creation of Banco Real / Santander culture, inspiring, provoking, and directing the vision and strategic planning of a unique business model, engaging employees, clients, vendors, and the society. A successful history, and a reference in the market."

  • Luis Aniceto S. Cavicchioli
    Brand Strategy Director - Banco do Brasil

    “Companies and their brands are part of an ecosystem, which have to evolve to keep competitive. Thymus has been helping us in the evolution of our ecosystem, and putting in practice our Mission of being a ‘market [private] bank with public spirit'".

  • Carlos Fadigas

    “Business management is a task that requires a combination of pragmatism and inspiration. Generally speaking, it is about motivating people, and engaging them in a common purpose which result, ultimately, is generation of wealth for the society.
    Thymus has been very important in materializing Braskem’s Belief and Purpose. A work that demanded sensitivity, skills, and the ability to point everyone’s expectations to a single vector, a single direction. Having Thymus as a partner in this job and so many others, helps Braskem to be always aware and prepared for the challenges and opportunities of today and the future.”

  • Eduardo Ourivio e Mario Chady

    "Spoleto was in full adolescent crisis of identity (15 years old) when we met Ricardo and his team. Once seated on the couch and guided by them, we entered a deeper self-knowledge journey that enabled us to come out of the crisis, see and communicate the brand with far more clarity and direction.”
    Mario Chady

    "The first time I heard Ricardo, I felt inspired, and had the confirmation that everything we imagined, could really be taken to greater scale. When we worked together, he helped us realign our essence for the size we had and challenges we were facing. He transformed our essence, our values and our culture in a very simple way, which was easy to communicate and live on a daily basis”.
    Eduardo Ourivio

  • Pedro Lima
    Três Corações

    "Thymus has brought us to the corporate awareness of our essence, and to the statement that "pleasure lies in simple things". They guided us to the appropriation of our corporate brand in all its dimensions, and to building a platform to consolidate and develop our brand and products, present and future.
    Thymus has been a unique partner, and a hallmark in our history: they have contributed with our identity and our purpose".

  • Paulo Sales
    Sales Director - Moura Batteries Group

    "At Moura, we always cared for our brand, aware of its importance for our business success. Yet, working with Thymus, we became familiar with the existence of a distinct universe, with plenty of opportunities.
    We took a deep dive in our brand, and rummaged through our past in search of inspiration to help us build the brand awareness we wished for our future. ”

  • Adriano Osório Neto

    “I have been following and admiring your work for years. First I met you and we had related ideas and purposes, and then I got to know Thymus' work, which met all my expectations and got my admiration. I met your team, and realized you are surrounded with great professionals. State-of-the-art, innovative and up-to-date, besides the Branding proposal, I value the strategic content that comes along with the work. With our meetings and debates, and the participation of our main executives, we are having a very rich experience in the construction of our future. I could also say that one of the most important legacies of this project will be the motivation and commitment we get from everyone, in preparing Brasal to face this world of huge transformation and great opportunities."

  • Duda Sirotsky
    Grupo RBS

    “A RBS foi construída a partir da paixão pela comunicação. O trabalho da Thymus foi fundamental para repactuarmos nossa crença e nosso propósito com o público interno e com toda a sociedade, fazendo uma conexão com a nossa história, materializando nosso compromisso em fazer jornalismo relevante, de impacto, que transforma a sociedade, e apontando a empresa para o futuro." 

  • Rogério Melzi

    “Thymus’s work at Estácio has been paramount in our goal to create the first really Brazilian Education Brand, as well as to connect this brand with the desired attributes, and internally work the whole organizational culture, which is mandatory for the external construction. Besides bringing the knowledge acquired in years of practice in important cases in Brazil, the team has great awareness of the inherent characteristics of each organization, which is very important in complex companies, with years of existence and a great number of stakeholders to report to. It is exactly this combination of experience, knowledge, maturity, and respect with each organization’s ‘DNA’, that makes Thymus an excellent partner for challenges such as ours.”

  • Anna Lúcia França

    "Thymus went way beyond branding - they proposed a new brand strategy, integrated to the business strategy: they inspired us to highlight our strengths,they isolated and lightened up our portfolio’s potential, designed the ecosystem to be impacted, and facilitated the creation of the action plan. Having that done, we leveraged our new businesses and Abramundo is now proud to be one of the main benchmarks in Science Teaching in Brazil. Thymus’ branding inspires us to dream big, with a purpose, and strategy - as well as having the cultural commitment of a Marathon runner - envisioning and creating the future!"

  • José Junior

    "In the nearly 10 years of partnership with Thymus, AfroReggae has been institutionally repositioned a few times, based on a deep process of self-knowledge, appreciating our DNA! Save the Art That Saves Us!"

  • Juliano Seabra

    “Do not expect just another branding work with Thymus. What they do is much deeper and much more important than that: it is a great reconnection work between organization and its leadership with their purpose, and the essence that make them exist. Working with Thymus is good for the soul of the company, and enables its clients to perform something so hard nowadays: consistency. We are a much more solid organization, and sure of our reason to exist, after working with Thymus’ team. And that reflects in our day-to-day. Results come naturally”.

  • Newton Simões
    Racional Engenharia

    “Understanding and working a Brand is practically a psychoanalytic exercise. It is not enough that the consultant tells you what to do. He must, before anything, tease you so that you recognize “who do you think you are" in order to help you be and look like “who you really need to be”.
    This is more than science, and Thymus' team has put me on the couch.
    It has been a very rich experience - not always pleasant – but necessary".

  • Luiz E. Gemignani

    "Over the past 20 years, Ricardo and his team - always clever and cheerful - have twice helped us understand the spirit of our times and how do we fit in it, challenging our beliefs and motivations, and developing our view of the whole and the part under a new perspective. This deep, dynamic self-knowledge exercise (everything changes all the time) allowed us to renew the charm that we feared losing, and to rediscover the flame we believed was extinct."

beliefs, purpose, and principles
  • Our Beliefs

    “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. (A.Einstein)

    Our Purpose

    To empower the company and its leaders to generate value and manage risk in an increasingly dynamic, complex, and unpredictable reality

    ‘A company is a living system that belong to complex ecosystems with which they interact and on which they depend'. MEG/FNQ

  • Principles:
    Values are choices of moral or ethical nature. Principles are guidelines for a system to work properly. Values characterize a more idealistic behavior. Principles ground a more pragmatic behavior. People at Thymus have Values. Thymus has Principles.
    Evolution is unforgiving Society has never been so alive. Those who are able to take advantage of Evolution principles - interaction, adaptation, and innovation - will succeed.
    Pleasure and Meaning The path of Pleasure is the easiest, fastest and most economic. The path of Meaning is richer, stronger, and durable. Success crosses paths with both of them, at the same time.
    Ethics and Aesthetics You are what you do. Walk the talk. Talk the walk. Communication is an identity exercise, especially in the real time of a networking society.
    Brand is Culture Brand is a name that means a way of thinking and doing (culture), that offers products, services, jobs, investments etc, and that drive trust in people and in the market.
    Interdependence or Death! Competent management of interdependence between elements of the system and among systems is vital to guarantee the evolution and success of the companies and people.
  • knowledge
    We use many inspirational sources, and we produce plenty of content that can be useful for you. Here you will find articles, interviews, books and lectures, in video or text, about our thinking, our work and our inspiration. We hope you enjoy and contact us if you want to share your ideas or work with us, either as a customer or as partners.
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